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 Woodland Hostas is a family operated retail business. My husband Pete and my four children have all helped me at some point. I have grown hostas for more than 20 years. I love working outside and growing plants. Many of the plants are divisions from my original hostas. The rest of the hostas are grown from tissue cultures into gallon size pots.
     Woodland Hostas was started in 2010 after a lot of prompting from my father who grew hostas and other plants for many years. He always wanted to develop a business growing hostas. So,I finally took his advice and started Woodland Hostas. He died in 2012 from cancer and was never able to see the business he inspired.
    We invite you to come look around and walk through the display gardens. Our black lab Oliver will probably greet you when you visit us. You might even see a chicken or two who have escaped their fence. We also have ferns, and a few other perennials for sale  

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listing of plants

 200 + varieties of hostas are available in gallon size pots. Hostas range in price from $5 - $30 with $12 being the medium price.
httP://hostalibrary.org is a good resource to see pictures of hostas and further information about them.
We have more varieties of hostas for sale then are listed here, but the supply is limited.  

 Hosta Mature Height

XL     over 30"

L    23" - 30"

M   12" - 23"

S    6" - 12"

Mini   0 - 6" 


 Abiqua Drinking Gourd       L          blue-green, deeply cupped leaves

 Appletini         mini        bring yellow changing to apple green

 August moon       M – L      chartreuse turning golden yellow

 Azure Frills      M         powdery blue, rippled

 Bailey's Cream    M           green with white margins

 Big Daddy         L            blue green, heavily corrugated

 Bix Blue          M         deep blue

 Black Jack        L           dark bluish green, heavily corrugated

 Blazing Saddles   M-L         green, margined by cream

 Blue Angel        L         blue – green,   good slug,   resistance

 Blue Ivory        M        blue with wide ivory margins

 Blue Jay          M        powder blue

 Blue Legend       VL        very blue waxy leaves

 Blue Mammoth      VL        blue-green, slug resistant

 Blue Mouse Ears   S       very thick bluish green

 Blueberry Waffle  VL         very puckered round blue berry colored leaves

 Bulletproof       M          very thick, deep blue foliage

 Camelot           M              light blue heart-shaped

 Cameo             Mini              round green leaves with creamy white margins

 Candy Dish        M          glossy dark spinach green, edge rippled

 Cerveza           M        shiny gold color

 Cloudburst        M      unruly corrugated, blue-green leaves changing to shiny dark green

 Corkscrew         S                   thick glossy contorted olive green

 Cup of Grace      M                     upright dark green foliage that is cupped

 Curly Fries       S                 chartreuse spidery leaves, sun tolerant

 Cutting Edge      M-L                   oval blue-green, heavily rippled

 Dancing Queen     L              brilliant golden yellow

 Dark Shadows      L            blue & dark green margined

 Deep Blue Sea     M            deep blue-green, corrugated, deeply cupped

 Devon Green       M               thick, glossy, dark olive green

 Earth Angel       L                  heart shaped, blue-green leaves with creamy white margins

 El Nino           M           intense blue, irreguarly margined white

 Emerald Ruff Cut  M             bright golden yellow, irregularly margined  green

 Final Summation   L          light green with dark green margin, leaves cup up

 Fire and Ice      M           white center with green margin

 Fireworks         S           narrow, upright creamy leaves with green margins

 First Frost       M        intense blue-green with creamy margin

 Fragrant Blue     M              chalky heart-shaped blue leaves with fragrant flowers

 Fragrant Bouquet  L             chartreuse to apple green, wide margined yellow to cream

 Francee           M               rich dark green, white narrow margin

 Frosted Jade      L          dark sage green, with marrow irregular margin

 Frosted Mouse Ears  mini         blue-green to dark green center with wide creamy margin

 Gentle Giant       VL         upright blue-green,corrugated,cupped and twisted leaves

 Grape Fizz         L               heavily substanced green leaves

 Great Arrival      L              wide blue-green center with creamy white margin

 Green Eyes         S            chartreuse to golden yellow,narrowly margined dark green

 Grover Cleveland   L               blue-green, heavily corrugated, cupped leaves

 Guacamole          M- L              apple green centered, green, margined, fragrant flowers 

 Hacksaw            S                   narrow green leaf turning chartreuse,edged with saw-like teeth

 Halcyon            M        heart shaped, thick, blue-green chalky leaves

 Hyuga Uragiro      S        blueish spear-like leaves with yellow streaks,from Japan

 Ice Prancer        M        thick, leathery, dark blue-gray

 Independence       M       dark green with wide creamy white margins that are speckled with green

 Ivory Coast        L             bluish green center with wide creamy white margins 

 June               M        gold center, blue-green margins

 June Fever          M        bright gold center with a narrow dark green margin

 Katie  Q            M            medium to dark green center, medium gold margin

 King of Spades      M       very tough dog-proof plant, blue green leaves, extremely heavily puckered leaves

 Komodo Dragon       VL     cascading, dark green leaves with rippled margins

 Krossa Regal        L         Tall, vase like, frosted grey-green leaves

 Lakeside Baby Face  mini         dark green center, creamy white margin

 Lancifolia          S              glasses green slender pointed leaf

 Lemon Ice           M           bright yellow leaves with bright red petioles (too much sun bleaches it white)

 Leola Fraim         M              dark green center leaf with a creamy white margin

 Limey Lisa          mini        lime green heat shaped leaves

 Little Devil        mini       elongated pointed green centered leaves with a small white margin

 Loyalist            M        white leaf center with ½ white green margin

 Majestic            M-L        shiny dark green center with creamy yellow margin

 Maui Butter Cup     S       bright gold round leaves that use cupped and corrugated

 Millenium           VL       huge heavily substance, rounded dark blue leaves

 Miss Ruby           S        medium green with reddish purple petioles

 Minuteman           M        pure white margin, dark green center, good sun tolerance

 Mojito              M-L        wide shiny and smooth emerald green leaves, fragrant flowers

 Montana Aureomarginata  L    huge dark green leaves with wide gold margin 

 Nate The Great      VL       vase shaped, cupped, blue-green foliage

 Northern Exposure   VL     Huge, Corrugated, blue-green leaves the develop to 2'' wide creamy margins

 Old Glory           M-L       golden yellow heart-shaped leaves with 1" wide dark margins

 Olive Bailey Langdon  L      heavily corrugated, round blue-green leaves with wide margins

 One Man's Treasure    M       smooth shiny green foliage

 Paradigm            L             gold leaves with dark green margins

 Paradise Island     S-M        yellow leaf edged in green with a red petiole

 Patriot             M         dark green leaves with uneven white margin

 Pauls Glory         L   heart shaped leaves with dark green margins & the leaf center changes from chartreuse to white

 Pewterware          S-M       blue-green leaves with white undersides

 Powder Blue         L          thick, heavily corrugated blue-green leaves

 Prairie Moon        M        yellow foliage with purple petals

 Praying Hands       S-M     upright dark green, folded, wavy leaves

 Queen Josephine     M           shiny, dark green leaves with creamy yellow margins

 Queen of the Sea    L             heavily corrugated blue-green leaves with rippled margins

 Rainforest Sunrise   S            puckered round gold leaves with green margins

 Red October          M              heart shaped dark green leaves with dark red leaf petiole

 Regal Splendor       L         blue-green, foliage with creamy white margins

 Rockets Red Glare    M            wavy,shiny green leaves with red petioles

 Sagae                L          tall,green, heart shaped leaves with creamy white margin

 Sharp Dressed Man    M       thick tri-colored leaves with white center and wide green margin

 Silver Bay           M            cupped intensely blue-green leaves

 Spilt Milk           M             variegated, blue-green leaves with streaks of white

 Stained Glass        M      golden yellow leaf center with dark margins & large fragrant flowers

 Stiletto             S        narrow, pointed green leaves with wavy yellow margins

 Striptease           M          dark green leaves with narrow cream center bordered by a thin white stripe

 Sum and Substance    VL  heavily textured, shiny, chartreuse leaves

 Summer Breeze        M-L              green heart shaped leaves with wide irregular gold margin

 Summer Loving        M-L         dark green center with creamy yellow margin, thick substance

 Sun Power            M-L        bright gold with pointed wavy leaves

 Tears of Joy         mini          wavy green foliage with purple flowers

 Teaspoon             S         rounded teaspoon size green leaves

 Tidewater            L             long, narrow, bright blue leaves, turning dark green in fall

 Tokudama Flavocircinalis   M      blue-green leaves with wide gold margins, heavily corrugated

 Twilight             M          dark green leaves with wide gold margins

 Victory              VL       shiny green leaves with wide white margin, vase shaped

 Winter Snow          VL        greenish yellow leaves with white margins

 Wolverine            M                 long, pointed blue-green leaf with gold margin

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